Notebook freezes when shutting down

Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by johnsmith1, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Hi, I need help from anyone who would like to help me.
    the story is bit longer, but ple bear with me and beg u to help me.
    here is my problem.[​IMG]
    I have a Lenovo Z460 ideapad, with 4gb ram, 500gb hdd and 380m i3 processor.
    it's running on windows 7 64bit OS.
    its working totaly ok when its running.
    problem occurs when the machine is shutting down.
    if the computer is connected to the power and when i click shut down, it shuts down normaly and nothing abnormal happens, in battery mode also when i shut it down it shuts down noramaly and nothing odd happens.
    but when it's connected to the power and after i click "shut down " button and when i remove the charger from the port while it is shutting down, i mean when it shows windows 7 log off screen with the words "windows is shutting down", it freezes at that moment.
    blue colour circle keeps on moving and it never shuts down and its not switching off. it is freezed at that moment..
    it happens only when i remove the charger while it is in the shut down process.
    it wont happen if i remove the charger before or after shutting down.
    so i have to switch it off manually by pressing the power button for 6secs. i know its dumb and the best way is prevent this is to remove it after or before shutting down.
    but most of the time i forget that and i keep on removing it while its shutting down.
    i know switching it off manually is not good for the hdd.
    so if somebody know, ple help me.
    thanx in advance..
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    ...I........Stop unplugging it while it is shutting down. Problem solved.
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    i'd say it's likely a bug or something triggering.

    what bluemak said...... don't do what your doing...

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