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    Introducing the new Raijintek Eris Evo Chassis, Tempered Glass, Super Tower Showcase. This modular super tower showcase is extremely versatile with many options for different build styles. Boasting the ability to hold a dual Mini-ITX setup for a streaming build or a high spec water-cooled system, the opportunities are endless. With support for SSI-EEB motherboards and up to twenty 120mm fans, this case really is a monster.


    Raijintek Eris Evo Chassis at a glance:

    Massive showcase compatible with motherboards up to SSI-EEB form factor
    Supports dual systems with two Mini-ITX motherboards
    Brushed aluminium front and two tempered glass side panels
    Excellent support for water cooling: 2x radiators up to 600mm supported
    Maximum of 20x 120-, 12x 140mm- or 6x 200mm fans compatible
    Compatible with graphics cards up to 512mm in length, 4x dual-slot horizontal or 2x dual-slot vertically
    Space for 2x ATX power supplies, modular PSU shroud
    Modular I/O panel with 4x USB 3.0 ports and HD Audio
    Slots for 5x 3.5 HDDs or 5x 2.5 SSDs


    Massive Chassis for High-End Gaming and Streaming Systems
    The interior of the Raijintek Eris Evo is more than a match for SSI-EEB form factors that support dual-CPU setups. What is unusual here, however, is the case’s ability to support two Mini-ITX motherboards next to one another, something of interest to that intent on creating a high-end streaming system. Graphics cards up to 51.2 cm in length can be installed in the Raijintek Eris Evo. Four dual-slot graphics cards fit horizontally across the eight PCI slots. Alternatively, two dual-slot graphics cards can be installed vertically, and a compatible bracket comes included with the case.


    The layout of the case has been specially designed for the installation of water-cooling hardware while also showing it off in its best light. The front- and rear of the case both support radiators with a length of up to 600mm and a thickness of 65 mm. The roof can support a radiator up to 480mm in length and thickness of also 65mm. Even the rear of the motherboard tray includes support for mounting a radiator with a length of 360 mm and a thickness of 30mm.


    The front consists of 3mm thick brushed aluminium in a unique design which is mounted in a similar manner to the tempered glass side panels, whereby a gap allows air to flow unobstructed over the components that need the most cooling. The modular I/O panel is also an unusual feature, offering four USB 3.0 slots and HD Audio support. It can be attached to a total of ten slots at the top front or rear or laterally left and right, front and rear respectively. This makes the case an ideal case for modders and all those who want to assemble their own individual setup.

    Technical Details:

    Dimensions: 269 x 722.4 x 708 mm (W x H x D)
    Material: SPCC steel, aluminium, tempered glass, plastic
    Colour: Black
    Weight: approx. 21.8 kg
    Form factor: SSI-EEB, E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, (Dual-)Mini-ITX
    Fans possible in total:
    5x 120/4x 140 mm/3x 200 mm (front)
    5x 120/4x 140 mm/3x 200 mm (back)
    6x 120 mm (back of motherboard tray)
    4x 120/4x 140mm (cover)
    Dust filter: Ground (power supply unit)
    Radiator mountings:
    1x max. 280/480 mm, 65 mm Depth (cover)
    1x max. 560/600 mm, 65 mm Depth (front)
    1x max. 560/600 mm, 65 mm Depth (back)
    2x max. 280/360 mm, 30 mm depth (back of motherboard tray)
    Drive bays:
    2x 2.5/3.5 inch (internal, hard disk cage, under the motherboard tray, occupies one power supply slot each)
    1x 2.5/3.5 inch (internal, back of mainboard tray)
    Power supply (optional): 2x standard ATX (instead of one HDD cage each)
    Expansion slots: 8
    I/O Panel:
    4x USB 3.0 (internal port)
    1x Per Audio In/Out
    Maximum graphics card length (without any waiver): 512 mm
    Maximum CPU cooler height: 170 mm
    1x 5-slot vertical PCIe bracket
    2x 2-slot mini-ITX PCIe (for a dual mini-ITX system)

    Available to order at Overclockers UK from £309.95.

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