nVHardPage v0.90.3b Out!

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    From Warp2Search

    Guru3d have released a new version of the tweak tool called nVHardPage. Quotes from Guru:

    Do you seek an easy way to en/disable overclocking options or vsync option in your detonator drivers without the burden of importing registry entries or the need to go in that registry yourself ? Basically CoolBits and more within your fingertips.

    This program serves on enabling/disabling hidden features in nVidia control panel and tweaking nVidia Direct3D & OpenGL settings.

    Supported OS: WinXP, Win2k, Win9x/Me - only CoolBits & Display orientation at the moment.

    Supported Drivers: Detonators 21.81 and higher.

    What's New?

    fixed BIG bug under Win9x (last version use "....00x", not "...NVidiaDirect3D" or "...NVidiaOpenGL" keys to writing and reading all D3D and OGL registry values)

    updated d3dreg.dat and oglreg.dat files

    Download nVHardPage v0.90.3b

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