NVIDIA CEO Says Gaming Will Get Even Larger Due to Expanding Work-from-Home Model

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    During yesterday's Q1 2021 earnings call, following the outstanding financial results, NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress announced that gaming hours played on the GeForce platform were up by 50% following the global COVID-19 lockdown orders, thanks to both more people playing and people playing more time.

    GeForce Now, the cloud gaming stream service, also got a mention. According to Kress, 2 million users were added to GeForce Now since its launch in February, and its library of 650+ games is going to grow significantly as 1,500+ titles are currently 'in line to be onboarded'.

    Later in the call, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang seemed to want to highlight his fellow executive's earlier comment as he stressed the conviction that the expanding work-from-home model will favor gaming spend going forward.

    Source: wccftech

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