Nvidia GeForce Experience - Gamestream Co Op

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    GeForce Experience: Gamestream co-op
    Our gaming notebooks are exclusively sold with NVIDIA GeForce graphics, which means added benefits of NVIDIA software. One such benefit is GeForce Experience, which up until now has been perhaps most useful for optimizing your in-game graphics settings to match your system’s hardware.
    Now though, with the latest version of GeForce Experience, NVIDIA are opening up some more options worthy of your attention. First of all, the new version of GFE is equipped with a new overlay, for easier access to controls in game. One part of this is ShadowPlay, which basically enables you to record gameplay (much like our bundled six-month trials of XSplit Gamecaster), but the second, way cooler (if you ask us) feature, is Gamestream co-op.

    Gamestream co-op lets you stream your gameplay to a friend using an Internet connection, instead of broadcasting on for example Twitch, but actually invite said friend to help you out in-game(!) – or play co-op. See how NVIDIA demonstrates this in the video below:

    You can also choose to completely relinquish control to your friend, who will play on your system, over the Internet, should you be playing a title without local two-player co-op capabilities. Apparently, all this requires is a “modern GeForce GTX graphics card” (read: any newer MSI Gaming notebook) and we’re guessing some decent bandwidth. Apart from that, we obviously also recommend a friend to play with.
    A beta version of GeForce Experience with these features is set to hit your GeForce GTX-equipped system by the end of September, with a final version to be released before the end of 2015.

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