Orange Phase AD3 adaptive eMTB packs three wheels and a bucket seat

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    After suffering a brain injury in 2015, pro mountain biker Lorraine Truong was left partially paralyzed – this meant she could no longer ride a conventional bicycle. She's now back in the "saddle" again, though, thanks to the cleverly designed Orange Phase AD3 eMTB.

    Truong, who is also a mountain bike development engineer, began searching for an adaptive mountain bike after her injury occurred. Word of her quest reached British engineer Alex Desmond, who founded his own engineering and design company (DezmotoRacing Ltd) after having previously worked for firms such as Norton Motorcycles and Jaguar Land Rover.

    Desmond had built multiple adaptive mountain bike prototypes over the past several years, one of which he brought to Truong to try out on her home trails in Switzerland. After seeing how well she took to the bike, staff from Orange Bikes Switzerland contacted their head office in the UK, which had already been hoping to support her return to cycling. Orange UK agreed to help bring that prototype to production, under the condition that Desmond come work for the company … which he readily agreed to.

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