Passion fruit! Do you like it? or are you a dumb? :)

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    Hello ya'll!

    The summer is at end allmost, and in Israel, the Passion Fruit is becoming more and more available. I must admit, I LOVE PASSION FRUIT!

    Unfortunatly, I have stumbled upon the fact that not all people like PF (Passion fruit)! In fact, MOST people don't like it!

    Excuse me, but I don;t understand how?! I like not-liking Mango! It's a fruit SO delicious that not eating it is a crime (IMO)!
    I say, people of the free world, start eating PF!
    In israel we call it "Pasiflora"... nice isn't it? :)
    EDIT: Sorry for cutting the post in the middle, I just had a customer (Writing from work).
    Any way, turns out alot of people love the PF for it's scent, but they don't like eating it... to these people I say, TRY IT! you WON'T be sorry!
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