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    Welcome to New Driver Set.
    Add New Prologic ini.
    Add New What-U-Hear.ini
    Add new tweak Virtualizer
    New FlashPlayer.ini and inf. Tone down the loudness in bass performance in flashplayer to 55%
    Change Normalize to Normalization in EQ and Subwoofer.inf
    Add new tweak call HyperBass.
    Updated Alchemy
    Optimize Speaker Dolby = 1
    Optimize Speaker DTS = 1
    Optimize Speaker Windows 7 = 1
    Optimize Speaker Windows 8 = 1
    Optimize Speaker Surround Sound = 1
    Optimize Speaker CMSS 3D = 1
    Optimize Speaker No Popping Cracking Noise = 1
    Optimize Speaker PAX Drives = 1
    Optimize Speaker Bass = 1
    Optimize Speaker Treble = 1
    Optimize Speaker FPS Support = 1
    Optimize Speaker No Blue Screen Of Death = 1
    Add few new
    Configuration\Enable"What-U-Hear"InWindows 8
    Configuration\AddVolumeControlEnableTo"What-U-Hear" I don't think that one would work but it's there.
    Add New Optimize.ini. Updated Tweak.ini.
    Also add Filter.ini
    Added Balance.ini
    Change Values disable to Disabled = 0 from 1
    Add LFEChannel tweaks to speaker.ini
    I think tweaks are max out for now.
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