PC Won't Install New Software??!?

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by niceguyrichy, Aug 4, 2005.

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    Just set up my wireless network again since the move, and after I installed and tested the wireless card in one of the kid's computers I notice that it doesn't have a firewall installed. So I flash drive ZoneAlarm from my own computer and put it on.
    Now the problem. When I try to run the install I get the following message straight away:-


    The file C:\WINDOWS\InternetLogs\ErrorLog.tmp could not be opened. The System cannot find the path specified.'

    Then it shuts down the install.
    I downloaded the latest version of zonealarm just in case, but I get the same msg. I've got AVG running at the mo, see if that comes up with anything, but anyone know what it might be????
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    I saw on a different forum someone asking the same question. I'm pretty sure the msg is being put up by ZoneAlarm (but not 100% sure). Did you:

    a) Make sure that folder exists? I mean c:\Windows\Internet Logs? You might have to change some options in Windows Explorer to show hidden / system files.
    b) If it does exist, does that file exist? If so, try deleting or renaming it. Reboot and see if that changes things.

    My thought is either the folder did not get created on install or the file is corrupted.

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