PDQ.com acquires SimpleMDM, moves into Apple device management

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    Windows IT management company PDQ.com announced the acquisition of SimpleMDM, an Apple device management company that uses an intuitive cloud interface. Financial details of the deal were not released.

    The acquisition moves PDQ.com into new territory: Mac and iOS software management. With its existing capabilities centered only around Windows, the deal positions PDQ.com to become an efficient all-around systems administration solution.

    Keeping machines updated is crucial to their optimal performance. Inventories must be kept in tandem with the apps enterprises deploy, the version upgrades they make, and the patches they manage. Moreover, an update should reflect across all machines, no matter how many there are. PDQ.com, before the acquisition of SimpleMDM, could do this only for Windows.

    SimpleMDM covers the entire spectrum of Apple systems management. The device enrollment and account setup are hassle-free, the company says, promising a support engineer is always available within 30 minutes.
    Source: venturebeat

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