Peter Jackson to Produce "The Hobbit"

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by calidan, Dec 18, 2007.

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    sounds like you want something perfect, aint going to happen. while i was critical of quite bit of the triliogy as compared to the books, i think jackson did the best job possible at this time given the amount of material he had to condense.
    if some possible 'homoerotic' scenes are opne of the main bothersome things for you, well i dont know what to tell you.
    everyone of those movies you listed has problems/inconsistincies(especially dune, scifi channel did much better than that pos lynch put out) as does every movie ever made.
    directors can definetly make or break a movie & definetly their style appeals to the viewers personal style. which is a major part(content & cheesiness aside) of why we all differ in what we like in movies.
    bottom line for me - i think jackson did a very good job on some very difficult movies.
    bty, unfortunately(in some cases) cgi is where hollywood is at. & while some movies do you use it to much &/or poorly there is way to many movies & content in movies that just cant be done without it. & are done very good.
    live action & models, etc have always been extremely limiting in hollywood. action movies can get away with a lot, but scifi & fantasy NEED cgi t oget the most out of the subject. that is why we are starting to see more marvel type movies to.
    but some movies definetly could use some more polish. & like you i dont like it when cgi is the center piece of the movie. the new star wars are a classic example of this. lotr isnt.
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    I'm looking forward to seeing Bjorn the bear/man. :)

    *hopes he's thinking about the right book*
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    Peter Jackson already said after filming of the LotR trilogy that he would do the Hobbit too, but only after he was done with King Kong as that was one of his boy dreams of doing if i recall correctly...
    But I'm glad it is now "official" :)

    The Hobbit is the unofficial prelude of the LotR trilogy. In there it is explained how the Ring got in the hands of gollem, and later to Bilbo himself... among alot of other things which go unmentioned in LotR itself. (stone giants in the forest anyone? :D) So Peter Jackson is imo the only person who would be able to direct it, so the feel of LotR won't be changed.
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    I recall Tolkien's early works, was an enthusiastic reader before it was hip. My primer was the hobbit, with Tolkiens original illustrations and I even collected the Hildebrandt art to go along with it, but you know..anything else wouldnt be the same. Forgive me, but Peter Jacksons versions of anything by Tolkien do not compare to my own imagination, that is why I gave the whole trilogy a miss when it first came out, I knew it would be a motion picture success, but not what I saw in my own mind and felt when I read the books, sorry Hollywood and Peter Jackson, but your movies are a poor facsimile of my own interpretation of Tolkiens work, and even he might not have been so impressed as well.

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