Photo Impact 13 start up issue

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    Since a Windows Update some months ago, this program, which I have had for years and quite like it, has developed an issue of not wanting to start if I've opened it, closed it, and then try to open it again. I've gone through all of the compatibility options trying to troubleshoot the issue. It hangs at a particular file [u32Jpg.FIO] and then, after several seconds, it will simply shut down.

    My hunch is that one of the files isn't getting shutdown when I close the program. Because, if I restart the computer I rarely have any problem getting it to open afterwards....unless I close the program again. Once open, I can minimize it and leave it alone and it works fine.

    The program is quite old and there are no updates for it. Corel bought it years ago and then, apparently dropped any interest in continuing with new versions. I've used PhotoImpact since, I think, version 3, then got 7, and the last one is 13.
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