Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and Nintendo 3DS Source Code Has Leaked

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    The Nintendo leak of the century continues to deliver, this time giving fans the opportunity to peer directly into the source code that made Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and the Nintendo 3DS tick. Nothing quite as groundbreaking as what was found in recent leaks has yet to be uncovered, but this constant drip of illicitly obtained company secrets is no doubt a growing thorn in Nintendo's side, prompting the company to take an increasingly hard line against hackers.

    This wild month in the sphere of rumors that perpetually revolve around the reticent Japanese developer was all kickstarted in late April when an anonymous leaker suddenly unleashed the Space World 1999 demo of Pokémon Gold and Silver source code, the Pokémon community's veritable holy grail. A second major leak sprung earlier this month when the source codes of the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii were surprise-dropped online, presumably from the same unauthorized source. Since determined to be obtained by hacking vulnerable Nintendo networks remotely, onlookers got a better sense of the shocking breadth and scale of the hacked files when even internal Nintendo documents began to surface.

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