[Programming - Pascal]Hard exercise from computer science :/

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by PenrynHD, Jun 5, 2009.

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    Hi, I've got shitty exercise for Computer Science...
    I have tried to do this once and I can't...understand it...
    Can you help me with this? It is programming in Pascal.
    Who can do this exercise for me? Please I need help :/
    I will translate content into english for you.

    Here is a content:

    Pairs of Words
    If you have pair of words A and B, you can find the shortest word C, which contain word A and B. We can accept that words contain only signs "0" & "1".
    [I]For A = 10011101 and B = 111
    word C = A, because A contain word B.[/I]
    In text file named dane.txt do following order. Answers to sub-punkt a,b and c place in text file named [I]zad_5.txt[/I]. Results from sub-punkt d in text file named [I]slowa.txt[/I].
    a)Give the answer, how much pairs of single words (A,B) in file [I]dane.txt[/I] are palindroms, answer write to file [I]zad_5.txt[/I].
    b)Give the answer, how much pairs of words (A,B) wrote in single verse in file [I]dane.txt[/I] have property that word B is inside word A,answer write to file [I]zad_5.txt[/I].
    c)Give the answer, how much pairs of words (A,B) wrote in single verse in file [I]dane.txt[/I] have property that is only one way to create word C. 
    You must stick word A and B to create word C.
    d)For all of pairs of words (A, B) placed in next verses in file [I]dane.txt[/I]:
    • Create the shortest word C containing two words from one pair;
    • Write builded by you result's words C in text file [I]slowa.txt[/I], every word in single verse, in order answering pairs (A, B) from file [I]dane.txt[/I].
    That's all...sorry for language mistakes :)

    Files to exercise:

    Thanks for doing this work for me, when you do this exercise and you write the program please place link under my post to it.
    Give me source code of this program.
    Program must be in PASCAL language.

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    You really think someone will code this for you? I'm sorry but that won't be happening.
    Don't get me wrong, i'm no programmer but the whole idea of your course is to learn, henceforth you need to do your own work.

    People could probably help you though

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