PS5 Pro console or upgrades implied in patent while the Xbox Series X seems to get a downgrade

Discussion in 'Gaming News Discussion' started by Calliers, Aug 2, 2020.

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    A revealing paragraph in a Sony patent for “scalable game console CPU/GPU design for home console and cloud gaming” has sparked speculation that there could be a PS5 Pro, or at least something similar to that, in the works. While the patent appears to focus on the potential of multiple SoCs being used for a cloud gaming service (PS Now), it does seem to indicate that there could be either a PS5 Pro-like console or even PS5 upgrades to turn a regular console into something more “high end”.
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    of course it'd get a pro version.... it's an x86 platform.... just like the prior.. and ONE of the damn reasons why microsoft and sony migrated to such architectures in the first place, because they can scale it up due to not being a bloody RISC solution.

    I'd of course expect a lighter version of the xbox series x since technically the xbox is basically maxed out hardware wise while the ps5 is slimmed down quite a bit. Both companies are going to try and make consoles that appeal to different levels. I wouldn't be at all surprised if sony eventually launched a PS5 light for those with zero interest in 4k and opting out of not having even a optical drive too, akin to microsofts arcade model of the xbox 360 (though it still had optical).

    basically all this is, is "water is wet apparently!"

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