Qualcomm chips dominate Windows Mobile

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    Microsoft recently announced that the first phones to carry the Windows Phone brand and to power the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system - which offers Adobe Flash support as well as an updated browser and a menu UI that be navigated with a finger. US giant AT&T have recently announced smartphones with a plethora more to be released just in time for the Christmas buying rush.

    In the high end the HTC HD2 for instance use Qualcomm's 1ghz Snapdragon processor which is a formidable mobile processor. The HTC HD2 contains 512mb of ROM memory and 448mb of Ram and are touting a battery life of 8 hours during full video playback, which are impressive claims if they are accurate especially when you consider the 4.3 inch screen.

    So what is 'snapdragon'? It is a high performance processing unit which can support 720p High definition content and camera with a rating of up to 12mp. Qualcomm are currently pushing the boundaries and the San Diego company have been demonstrating Netbooks running with a 1.3ghz Snapdragon processor with the option at a later date to push it even further to a whopping 1.5ghz. They also publically stated in a recent press event that new processors in future ranges will be dual core and offer 1080p playback support.

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