Question About Modded Driver for Creative SB Tactic3D Rage USB Headset

Discussion in 'PAX Download - Headphones Series' started by sodade21, Aug 23, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone. I have a really annoying issue with my new Headset.
    I cannot Hear my Voice Realtime (from the mic) in the headphones.

    My old Headset MS Livechat lx3000 had an option at Playback devices where u could UnMute and adjust the Volume of the playback of the microphone. Same thing exist for any microphone i plug in my soundcard.
    Unfortunately the new headset by Creative has not something like that and since its very soundproof of the enviroment sounds I cannot hear my own voice when im speaking and that make me unsure if my friends on skype for example (im like half-def) can hear me well and im shouting...

    Thats really uncomfortable for me and for others.

    I contacted with Creative Support and they told me that their Headsets Have not the "What you hear" feauture like their Sound Blaster ext soundcards (although the headset has a real soundblaster chip in its hardware). Then I asked them if its a Hardware limitation or software limitation. they told me its about the software.

    So Now im Searching for a Cool Modder Guru that can fix/mod the driver/software of that Headset in order to implement the "What you hear" Feature or whatever...i need to be able to adjust the playback sound of my microphone.... Please someone help me!!

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