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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Flatshovel, Aug 19, 2007.

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    I have a Radeon 9100 AGP card. Well I upgraded to Vista (had to run certain software for college). Well I can't find any updated drivers so I could play my older games that worked on Windows 2000. From what I have been reading is that ATI no longer supports drivers for Vista for the 9100 model card right? Well if this is so, what model should I upgrade to so I can play games like Call of duty, Metal of Honor and etc? I was thinking of going with the Nvida chipset as they look like they support Vista for a lot of the chipsets they made. Can anyone give me any heads up on this or tell me which card I shold upgrade to?

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    The minimum supported product in vista atm is a Radeon 9500 (although that's getting a bit low imo)..

    If i were to recommend a lower model, if cash is a major part in what you can afford, Look into these models, in this order, the later ones are obviously more expensive but should do quite well.

    These are the models for AGP only

    x800 series (browse around, all of them are pretty decent, will run vista quite well, however they are getting older now)
    x1600/x1650 series (These are most recent AGP cards, will run vista VERY well as well has have the most up to date support and drivers)

    There are currently no information on the HD2xxx series having AGP variants...

    But the above 2 would be the recommend.

    BTW, if you want to Try installing the windows vista supplied driver, manually install it as a radeon 9000 series.

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