Radeon 9700 Pro Black Screen

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Dmac43, Jan 23, 2004.

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    Hey guys I've had this issue since the 3.9s... wheneve I install the 3.9s or the 4.1s the system boots up to the sign on screen, there is slight corruption and pixellation, then I input my password, click to enter windows and the screen goes black... I've tried using Spike' s latest version of driver cleaner, I've also tried using ATI's Radeon remover... As a last resort, I formatted the system and re-installed XP with just the via drivers, and dx9.0, and I still get the same thing...

    I'm using a via kt400 chipset board, and was told at one point that the via's shouldn't be installed, but I've since been told that the newer version works well...

    Not sure what to do next,

    Any Ideas ?

    ****Ok on a whim I installed the 4.51 drivers w/o the agp using the 4.1 cats...All is fine....
    Next I will install the agp from the 4.48 and see what happens at that point...

    ****Ok so here's what happened... I was able to (on a fresh install of xp) install the 4.1 Cats, installed all but the agp driver from the latest VIA set 4.51, re-installed DX 9.0b, then installed the AGP from the VIA 4.49 set... turned fast writes off, and the system is working perfectly...
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