Radeon Omega Drivers 2.6.25 (Cat 5.4)

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    What's New in Omega Drivers?

    * Based on the Catalyst 5.4 Official drivers.
    * Updated a lot of the internal tweaks for Mobility 9200 cards.
    * Updated some other tweaks for all cards.
    * Removed some redundant files from package.
    * Added new option to installer: now you can select between installing with or without Radlinker, in case some of you can't use Radlinker for some reason or use another 3rd party tweaker.

    What's new for RadLinker?

    * Removed support for Windows 98 and ME.
    * Rewritten driver.
    * Cleaned up user interface.
    * Removed temporal FSAA threshold as it does not appear to be needed anymore.
    * DirectX 8 or greater is now required.

    Please visit my site for download and for further info on current / future updates. (and help me by clicking on the banners too) ;)

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    Thanks and enjoy!
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