Radeon Omega Drivers 2.6.42 (Cat 5.6)

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    Yes, here they are, better late than never... :p

    What's new? (2.6.42)

    * Based on the Catalyst 5.6 Official drivers.

    - Removed a lot of obsolete tweaks.

    - Removed RadLinker from package.

    + Now ATI Tray Tools is included as default tweaker.

    + Re-enabled the default 3D and Color panels in the ATI Control Panel.

    + Added a desktop shortcut for the ATI CP and for ATT (both optional).

    + Included a few new OGL Smart Shaders.

    Many thanks to Ray Adams for his help on making this set possible. ;)

    Thanks to everyone for their support and enjoy!

    Please visit my site for download / mirrors and for further info on current / future updates. (and help me by clicking on the banners too) :)

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