Radeon Omega Drivers 2.6.61 (Cat 5.8)

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    Omegadrive Drivers? What Drivers???

    May 6, 2002
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    Hear ye, hear ye!
    The new drivers by Omegadrive (that's me!) are available, put down your pikes, swords and axes and head to www.omegadrivers.net for your free xbox360!!!! (well, the prize is a hoax but at least u will get the drivers :D )

    What's New in Omega Drivers?

    * Based on the Catalyst 5.8 Official drivers.
    + Added support for x700 Mobility cards.

    What's new for ATI Tray Tools?

    * Updated display rotation module.
    * Update device names database
    + Added Catalyst A.I. control into Direct3D submenu
    * Improved OSD support for OpenGL games and applications.
    * Moved all I2C control functions into kernel mode driver.
    + Added option in General Settings to disable reset clocks before suspend mode.
    * Update "OSD Example" plugin. Added option to show power status. (Battery life time)
    + Added new auto overclocking mode depended on computer power status.


    Download from here.

    Discuss here.
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