Radeon Omega Drivers 3.8.252 (Cat 6.5)

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    Well, as promised, here they are, just a day after the official release, don't email me if something explodes. :rofl:

    What's New in Omega Drivers?

    [*] Based on the Catalyst 6.5 Official drivers.

    [*] Some resolutions where not showing for some reason, so I re-made the code for them, now every available resolution for your monitor should show up (as long as you have the proper Monitor INF installed).
    [+] Added support for x1k Mobility series and some yet unreleased desktop cards.

    [*] Updated the integrated Control Panel to v6.14.10.5183

    What's new for ATI Tray Tools?

    [F] Fixed bug with auto fan control on R5xx boards (X1600/X1800/X1900)

    [*] Updated injection code to allow to use custom made (fake) d3d dll files.
    [F] Fixed bug with loading color profile using hot keys


    As always, download mirrors at my site.

    Discuss here.
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