Radeon Omega Drivers v2.6.75a (Cat 5.10a)

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    Omegadrive Drivers? What Drivers???

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    Ok, here they are...
    They took a little more than expected since I had to do further changes to my original 5.10 set after ATI released the 5.10a hotfix, so I skipped the standard 5.10 and went directly with the hotfix.

    What's New in Omega Drivers?

    [*] Updated the OGL driver, this should solve some problems related to Quake IV.

    [*] Updated the FireGL OpenGL driver.

    [*] Updated internal settings for some Desktop, Mobility, Integrated chipsets and FGL cards.
    [+] Added support for TONS of new cards (Desktop, Mobility, Integrated and FGL), including some unreleased ones.
    [F] Fixed installation support for some cards. If you had problems installing the Omega Drivers drivers before (being it laptop or desktop), try now and let me know if something still broken.

    I added AAA support for ANY card r300 and over, but is disabled by default (except x1k cards), so you only need to enable the AAA option in ATT and you are good to go. :)


    [*] Based on the Catalyst 5.10a Beta drivers.
    [+] Added support for x1800 cards.
    [+] Enabled Adaptive AA by default for x1800 cards, disabled for the rest.
    [+] Added 1280x800 resolution for both laptop and desktop cards.

    [*] Reconstructed some tweaks to prevent any future compatibility issues.
    [F] Fixed some minor resolution conflicts for laptops and integrated chipsets.
    [F] Fixed a "Deja-Vu" problem in the installer related to Multires. =D
    [+] Added the option to uninstall ATT, separate from the Omega uninstaller in the Start Menu.

    [*] Updated to ATI Tray Tools v1.0.4.780

    As always, go to my site for download and mirrors.

    Discuss here.

    Enjoy! :)

    Update: Updated to v2.6.75a, see readme at my site.
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