Rage 2 is the most Recent Casualty of Failed DRM, Cracked Already

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    Rage 2 has just launched for PC and consoles and despite the game using Denuvo DRM to protect it from being pirated, Rage 2 has already been cracked.

    It’s just been a day since Rage 2 released and hackers have managed to crack it already. However, this isn’t surprising anymore given that hackers have been cracking games that use Denuvo DRM within a week of their launch.

    Previously, Devil May Cry V was cracked at launch and not because hackers were able to bypass Denuvo but Capcom accidentally released the game with a Denuvo free exe file.

    Not only that, reportedly Denuvo is also causing performance issues in Rage 2 like low FPS, crashes, and stuttering. Interestingly, the game’s EULA doesn’t even mention that it uses the Denuvo DRM.
    Source: segmentnext

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