Random freezes/stutter in all games (last hope in fixing)

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by TheCrustyGamer, Feb 25, 2021.

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    This probably started around 2 months ago where I started experiencing random 0.5-1 second freezes in all my games (even non-intensive games that don't use any 3D graphics like Binding of Isaac and terraria). They also happen single player, without internet. These freezes/stutters happen on average about every 20 seconds. It's like a stutter effect and makes playing games very frustrating or even unplayable in competitive fps games like counter strike. Bare in mind I have not had any problems with gaming on my rig for about 6 years, this is a new problem.

    I'm on the verge of quitting computer gaming altogether as I cannot afford to replace my computer. I feel I have tried every "fix" online which is why I am posting here as a last resort, my friend posted here and got great feedback for a problem he had. (any help would be greatly appreciated)

    Monitored stats in MSI afterburner while these drops happen and there is a huge drop in gpu usage, to 0, when these fps freeze/stutters occur, as well as gpu power dipping. Nothing else notable really. temps are all fine, on all components.

    Weirdly, I upgraded my ram from 8gb to 16gb and this actually fixed the problem in all games for about a week, only for the problem to come back.

    After more and more software "fixes" I thought it MUST be hardware, and thought maybe my HDD was getting old, got an SSD and installed a game on it, didn't fix it.

    Some of the fixes I've tried:
    changing power mode to maximum performance
    configuring NVidia control panel settings
    re-seating components
    ran several antimalware programs
    system scans/restore health commands
    BIOS settings
    swapped around ram in all possible combinations (even just one at a time)
    tried uninstalling certain programs that have said to cause this problem
    high priority in task manager
    plugging in computer power to different wall socket
    turning off some of windows gaming features (like DVR etc.)
    dusted everything
    fully uninstalled and reinstalled geforce experience
    used DDU to wipe gpu drivers and installed fresh version
    tried running an old specific driver that was supposedly more stable
    tried using a DVI cable for gpu>monitor instead of DVI>VGA adapter>VGA port
    overlocking and underclocking gpu in afterburner
    fiddling with core voltage in afterburner

    My specs:
    (I can provide more detailed specs if needed)
    MSI geforce GTX 970
    intel core i5 4460S 2.90 GHz
    16GB RAM (problem existed before upgrading from 8gb to 16gb, only for maybe 2 weeks before)
    550W corsair PSU
    Hewlett Packard 500-319 Motherboard (from the original computer I upgraded)
    2TB hard drive (fairly old, came with the HP computer I originally bought)
    Brand new SSD (problem existed long before getting it)
    acer 60Hz monitor

    Thanks for taking the time to read all this. As I said, any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is my final attempt at fixing this problem. I'll be checking my mailbox daily.
    $5 and endless respect to whoever manages to fix this :)
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    Have you disconnected any USB devices that are not required for gaming?
    You mention having used several anti-virus/malware apps. You need ONLY ONE. Multiple antivirus apps on one device are known to cause issues.
    Are you attempting to stream any of your gaming? Using a capture device? Are any of the settings enabled to auto-capture content?
    Try eliminating anything that is not essential to the gaming and make sure any non-essential background apps are turned off.
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    Thank you for the reply,

    I have only essential USB devices connected, just keyboard mouse and also my headset. The headset is connected via a USB adapter with two of those circular headphone jacks (one of which is for microphone).

    I have since uninstalled the antivirus/malware apps, I just used them to run scans one by one and delete any files they flagged up, then uninstalled them.

    I don't stream any of my gaming, I used to use geforce instant replay to clip things in games but I have tried turning it off and even uninstalling geforce experience altogether and no difference. (I now keep instant replay turned off just incase).

    I also turned off/disabled the windows game capture settings.

    I've also tried ending any tasks in task manager that are not essential while gaming.

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