RAZER Keyboard Software...the ZOMBIE of Softwares!!!

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by Dyre Straits, Apr 15, 2016.

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    I had shown a RAZER brand keyboard I had picked up a while back. (Over in the Show Your New Stuff thread.) And, I had also mentioned how it just didn't work for me. So, I uninstalled the software for it. (Kind of idiotic in my mind that one would have to be connected to the Internet just to program the MACRO keys. ??? )

    Anyway, about an hour ago, my PC monitors all went dark! But, the PC power was still on. I waited about 5 minutes to see what was going on. Was it a Windows Update that suddenly decided to reboot my PC? (I don't have that option enabled, though! But, after the latest Cumulative Update, who knows what MS may have sent along with it?)

    After the system failed to come back up, I hit the RESET button. Once back into Windows, I started checking the Event Viewer.

    Lo, and Behold! The RAZER Synapse GameScanner was still on my system and attempting to do its thing! This was AFTER I had UNINSTALLED the software via the proper methods weeks ago! I had to actually go into Task Manager and End Task on the process just to delete it. I did a search for anything else related to RAZER and deleted everything.

    After the latest restart and search, it does appear I have now gotten rid of any remnants of the RAZER software and I can only say, Good Riddance!

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