Razer Synapse - Still Giving Me Headaches!!!

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by Dyre Straits, Apr 21, 2016.

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    I uninstalled this software weeks ago! And, it did appear that it succeeded the uninstall process.

    However, just about an hour ago, I lost signal to my monitors, preceded by a "graphics driver stopped responding and recovered..." message. Then, about 5 minutes after the message the monitors all went blank..while the PC stayed on.

    So, after restarting, I checked out the Event Logs. Among the errors was the Razer Synapse could not Update! It's not supposed to update...it's suppose to be GONE!

    So, into the Registry I went and found numerous keys related to the Razer keyboard that I had gotten rid of about two months ago...along with...I THOUGHT...the software!

    There are some other errors listed that I'm going to have to dig into to see just what's up. But, having a program fail to uninstall cleanly in this day and age...from an otherwise "reputable" distributor, is beyond frustrating.

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