Razer's Zephyr N95 facemask sold out 'within minutes' of going on sale, but were bots to blame?

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    It was back at January’s CES where Razer revealed it was working on an N95 respirator, which was then called Project Hazel. Like the company’s other products, it had the distinction of being packed with Chroma RGB lighting.

    March saw Razer confirm that Hazel would become an actual product instead of just a concept, and the Q4 release date was announced a few months later. The mask also received a name change to Razer Zephyr in August.

    Many people have been watching with interest to see how the Zephyr performs: $99 is no small sum, fewer people are wearing masks these days, and those sporting the sci-fi-looking device will certainly stand out in a crowd. According to Razer, the first wave of the masks sold out in minutes.

    “The demand for the Razer Zephyr has been overwhelming and our first wave is sold out within minutes,” the company tweeted. “Stay tuned and [we] appreciate your patience as we work hard to restock them as fast as we can. Sign up to be notified when the next batch arrives.”

    Source: techspot

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