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Discussion in 'PAX Drivers' started by n9nu, Nov 27, 2010.

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    For some reason the board lost my log-in information, so I had to create my new profile using my ham radio call-sign instead of the aircraft's FAA registration number (n944la) in which I had been using.

    I have been away for a bit and noticed there are several new packages for the X-Fi Titanium PCI-E Fatality Champion audio interface for Windows 7 64 Bit (w/SP1) and I have been given so many choices that I have to come to the conclusion to ask for some assistance via this question:

    What are the absolute latest and greatest audio drivers & applications bundle for this card ?

    There are so many 'DVD Updated OEM Disc' packages, several PAX drivers, several 'un-official' 'bundled' packages from Daniel and of course the same old crap from CL themselves.

    That's it :) Just need a point in the right direction.

    I just need the drivers, the speak config, THX support, DTS, audio console and that's about it.

    Here is what I found:

    * 2010-November-08 - PAX MASTER Suite V1.70
    * 2010-October-10 - PAX PCI XFI Win7 Driver V1.10
    * 2010-May-10 - SB X-Fi Titanium PCI-E Install Disc 1.0 (unofficial) - Daniel K
    * 2010-August-23 - PAX PCIe Titanium ALL OS Driver V3.00
    * 2010-June-04 - Realtek HD & X-Fi MB for Windows 7 - 2.48

    No need to list the 'oem' crap.

    Thanks guys

    ARS N9NU
    Former: n944la

    P.S. Should I allow Windows Update to install the WDM driver(s) before I install the new packages or deep six those drivers.





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    * 2010-November-08 - PAX MASTER Suite V1.70
    * 2010-October-10 - PAX PCI XFI Win7 Driver V1.10 you this installed driver software and suite second.

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