Reportedly, Sony Has a Second PlayStation Event Planned for the End of September

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    September is turning out to be a huge month for PlayStation. Tokyo Game Show will begin this week, with Death Stranding set to have a big showing. On September 24th, Naughty Dog will host a media event for The Last of Us Part II. Yet, it seems Sony may have something else up its sleeve for later in the month. Reportedly, the company has another event planned the same week as the TLoU media showing.

    This news comes courtesy of Daniel Ahmad (ZhugeEX on Twitter and ResetEra), a senior industry analyst at Niko Partners. On a ResetEra thread about the TLoU event, Ahmad noted, “this isn’t the only Sony event that week.” No further details on what this reported event may entail have hit the web.

    However, a State of Play broadcasting may be a good guess. A recent rumor suggested Sony is planning such a broadcast on November 1st. Allegedly, this is the day The Last of Us Part II’s release date will receive an official unveiling. Unfortunately, there’s hardly any merit to these claims, though. But if the company does have a second event planned for late September, a TLoU announcement wouldn’t be too surprising, particularly since the franchise’s in-universe Outbreak Day falls on September 26th.
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    A special even just to announce a release date for a future game? That sounds silly.

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