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Discussion in 'Heavenly Visions & Echoes' started by YAYitsAndrew, May 27, 2006.

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    Hey everyone, I have a favor to ask. Could any of you make a real website banner for my website www.takestheblame.com that is more polished than the one I have now?


    I like the guys pointing, although they could look a lot better. And I like the font, too. It's called Earwig Factory, it's a Larabie font, and a google search has lots of locations to download it from. And the size must be 700x100.

    As far as colors and stuff go, you pros are probably better than me at picking those, just make sure they fit in with the site.

    In return I can give you credit in the footer as well as a link to your website/portfolio at the top. Anyone interested?
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