REvil ransomware gang allegedly forced offline by law enforcement counterattacks

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    According to Reuters, the REvil ransomware operation was “hacked and forced offline this week by a multi-country operation”.

    Reuters writes that one of its sources claims the hack-back against this notorious ransomware crew was achieved thanks to the combined efforts of the FBI, the US Cyber Command, the Secret Service “and like-minded countries”, though it stopped short of identifying those allies by name.

    We’ve seen the FBI mount a successful hack-back operation before, in the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that disrupted fuel supplies in the United States.

    Colonial first said it wouldn’t pay the $4.4 million blackmail demand from the attackers; then admitted it had paid the money after all; then found it had mis-spent its funds when the decryption tool offered by the crooks was simply too slow to do the job…
    Source: nakedsecurity.sophos

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