Rome and the Jewish question

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    ever wonder why Jews have been victimised by nearly every European/Christian country ... this started when christianity started to strengthen in the Roman Empire .... not satisfied by translating the jewish bible into latin and editing out parts of the jewish bible they did not like and then passing it off as the christian bible .... they decided to change history by claiming Pontius Pilate was weak and he was influenced by the hebrew (jews) to crucify Jesus .... now how could a veteran of the German border wars and a legioner of rome's elite legion The Praetorian Guard be construed to be weak and easily influenced ?? The truth is nearer to be that the holy Roman Empire or a Roman was responsible of the stigma of being the real culprits for the death of jesus. and instead Rome decided to change the facts of history and cry heresy when you question their historical facts so they chose to blame jews, thus the cry through the ages that jews killed jesus and this became fact over the centuries and gave christians to persecute jews for over 1500 years .... as far as i know Scotland was the only country in Europe where jews have never been persecuted ... we even gave the Nights Templar a safe Haven after Rome betrayed them.

    the thing that really gets to me is Christianity is not a real religion it is a mish mash of umpteen regious faiths including paganism ... this is why i can never accept Christianity .... they can't even accept the oldest christian writings (Gnostic bible) where it describes jesus like che guevara type character than a man of faith and that he was indeed put to death by pilate.... not suprising Rome and the Christian churches say the gnostic bible was written by heretics
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    no religion is a "real" religion with the same logic.... it's just a mash up of stories and such throughout time be it true or total fiction or a combination of both.

    Just take a look at some of the summarian tablets which there are hundreds of thousands of. Many of which tell identical stories or more detail stories/reports/whatever you want to take it of that are like the adult version of the kiddy stuff told in the old testimate and the new.

    Most noteably is the Summarian Flood Tablet which is sitting in the museum of england which a more realistic accuracy some would say, then "noahs" ark story.

    Considering that at the moment, nothing has ever been found that predates the summarian tablets in terms of written knowledge/word even though appeared to be mass produced by this civilization.

    History is written by man, and so were the bibles and such. It'd be naive to think that they aren't riddled with massive faults.
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    In ancient times people used folk tales (they didnt have books, few could read or write) to educate one another some of these became part of the oral religious culture, Religion gave format cohesiveness and structure to otherwise simple farm folk , bushmen and the myriads of tribes that came together. At some level it helped various people assosiate with others sharing some similar beliefs, making their unity possible, a study of Islam is proof of this. Also it gave them a moral a guidleine wherewith they could deal with one another peacebly e.g. Buddhism. it wasnt as it is today disconnectded from reality divisive anda barrier to knowlefdge this grew with time as corrupt behaviours merged with Faith to create a horrid indomitable force that persecuted, killed & protcted those who held power over it with utmost authoruty: Roman Catholic church in medevil times, as well as islam and the Ottoman empires, the Bible calls this rather symbolically a whore who seduces kings(Power)

    17:15 ..... the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
    (King James Bible, Revelation)

    So various peoples are held by this whore........... trapped a false faith, twisted warped and controlled by the ruling class.... subdued and unquestioning

    ...this however is changing: as you are now questioning ur very faith:

    these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
    (King James Bible, Revelation)

    This whore as I mentioned is what u also said false religion, false knowledge she shall be hated burned and destroyed as truth burns and eats away through darkness..

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