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    Been checking out some new distro's lately was pretty impressed with kubuntu dapper 6.06.1

    Then I found Sabayon
    Gentoo made easy for those that don't have the time to set aside a weekend configuring and compiling everything. I for one had never been able to get it installed myself even after printing out the guide lol. Plus with a family it's hard justifying tying up the comp for that long hehe.
    I tried both the live dvd's x/86 and x/86-64 .They come with just about everything you could ever want installed, some may find it bloated however. With the 64 version things are precompiled such as the 32 bit version of firefox with all the plug-ins so someone new to Gentoo could find the task of updating daunting to say the least.
    For those that want a full system up and running from the get go they may be worth a look. It took about an hour to install on my rig. It uses a modified Anaconda installer.
    It's even XGL ready from the start if you use a command when booting up from the live dvd such as gentoo opengl=ati xgl res=1600x1200 refresh=60 someone reported that it will retain those settings when you install from within the live environment. I have yet to try that for myself but will do so tomorrow.

    It's still a RC2 the final will be out in about 2 weeks. Not that it's noticable I've installed Finals that were less polished. There are also mini cd's available for those that would rather keep the install small. I'll be trying out the 32 bit version tomorrow to compare it to the dvd.
    Also since I'll be just starting out with gentoo I think that using the 32 bit version will be less problematic when attempting to emerge the updates. Doing so in a custom 64 bit environment would be too overwhelming for me. Once I get comfortable with Gentoo I will probably give it a shot.

    Sorry the post is a bit longer than I intended guess I got carried away :p

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