Samsung apologises for Russian app download error

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    Phone-maker Samsung has apologised for a software update sent to UK customers stating Russian government-mandated apps had been downloaded.

    It blamed a technical error for the incorrect wording and said no Russian apps had been installed.

    A new law in Russia that demands smartphones offer software from the country came into effect in April.

    One expert said that Samsung had not fully explained what went wrong and that customers would be concerned.

    Andrew Edmans bought a second-hand Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 phone from Amazon Marketplace three weeks ago, and ran an official Samsung update.

    After the installation had completed, he noticed the wording which read: "As part of the implementation of the requirements of the decree of the government of the Russian Federation No 1867 of 18/11/2020, the download of mandatory applications has been added. Some of these apps will only be installed if the device is reset to factory settings."
    Source: bbc

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