Samsung S23B300H 23" LED LCD HDMI Monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by BabylenTatarsky, Dec 9, 2012.

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    My brother is thinking about getting a new monitor and has picked out the Samsung S23B300H 23" LED LCD HDMI Monitor for £109.99.

    Has anyone any experience with that monitor? (Or Samsung monitors in general.)

    Is it any good? Worth the price? Or is something miles better available for the same price?

    He's also quite keen on the LG IPS234V-PN - 23" LED LCD HDMI IPS Monitor for £112.97.

    Would appreciate any input, and so would my brother. :p

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    Word of warning: stay away from LG monitors. Lately I've been noticing a rather odd trend with them, and that is to do with their brightness. Not that it's bad, but for some reason I've continually seen their monitors brightness change on it's own. No matter how much you turn the brightness up, sooner or later it starts to dim down again. Not dark... but as if it's doing some sort of automatic brightness control, almost like dynamic contrast/brightness is on all the time regardless of you disabling it, or manually setting the levels. I would also stay away from the LG monitors that have THAT particular stand.They are.. well.. crap (flimsy plastic). Every client that has one of these on the desk complain that the monitor shakes when they type. The plastic base is just too thin, and the width at the front of the stand is not wide enough. The newer ones, like the ones used in the IPS236, are much better (heavier, has a metal plate in the bottom). If you want an LG look to that monitor instead.

    On the same note, be sure you guys read up on IPS monitors. If this is going to be for gaming, specifically FPS games, IPS is not the way to go unless you are looking at the higher grade monitors like the Dell 2209WA or U2410, or maybe the U2412HM. You could even go with the U2312HM, and save yourself another $70 as the only difference, really, is the screen resolution: 1920x1200 vs 1920x1080. These are the best IPS panels, imo, for gamers.

    For a cheaper option look to the ASUS VS239H-P. That particular model (and a few others in their lineup) has a setting on it called "Trace Free" that deals with reverse ghosting. The thing about that model is the P. There is another version that doesn't have that P, and it's missing the Trace Free option. There are also other models that have the P on the end, which is to denote a professional model, but not all of them have it. If you look to their models, be sure to find out if the one you choose has it. My biggest gripe with that monitor (and a lot of Asus monitors) is the stand. It's a great stand.. just not very.. ergonomic. You've only got tilt, and even then it's very limited in range, however you're probably going to see this a lot if you primarily are looking in the 22/23" range. It's not (usually) until you hit the 24" or higher sizes that you get height adjustable/rotate/pivot stands. Thankfully the ASUS VS239H-P is 100x100 vesa compatible though.
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    Samsung have a decently good reputation. I've had one samsung monitor that I was happy with and my samsung TV is doing it's job well. I have no input on LG though.

    I'm really happy with my BENQ 24" monitor. I could definately recommend it.
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    All the LG monitors i've ever had the ability to play with over a period of maybe a month or 2 ... at most 3 for a few.... i've never been really all that happy with.

    I prefer samsung monitors... i've never had a bad experience with any of their designs... the only thing that i'm having issues finding is newer monitors with display ports... which is quite frustrating considering...

    I use Asus as my 2nd alternative where samsung usually doesn't have one that matches my requirements.. asus has a pile of display port native monitors. BUT... they do tend to be a bit cheaper than the samsung equivilent.

    I've been looking at both the high resolution screens and 120hz variations....

    it's a little upsetting to see all the 2560x1440 or higher resolution displays are stuck at 60hz with IPS displays.. which isn't a huge issue as they are a fantastic panel.... but i'm really surprised there isn't someone out there willing to take a chance on the 2560x1440 or higher displays as a tn style...

    Where as 120hz displays are all limited to mostly 1080p. either or... come in around the same price.

    I'm in the process of dismanteling my current triple monitor eyefinity setup and going back to a just a single or dual 1080p display until i manage to sell them off and either


    Buy a 1080p HDTV again.... (but really don't want to)


    Buy a 2560x1440 27" Monitor.. most likely from samsung.. the 950 model...


    Wait it out as long as possible and pick up Dell's 3213WFP (rumored name) which will be a 32" 3840x2160 Widescreen sitting at approximately $3000-5000.... but i doubt i'll get it.



    Hell i'd be happy if i could still get the 23" Samsung 2343BWX 2048x1152 Displays... if they had those around, led backlit.. and came with display port.. i would totally have 6 of those SOBs in eyefinity.

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