Setting Up an Access Point

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by Jitter, Sep 27, 2014.

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    My neighbor has comcast, and got his modem replaced. He also had a Encore ENHW1-2AN3 that was hooked into his blu-ray player and tv for netflix. I assume that it was setup as an access point, but I am not sure. After he got the modem replaced his blu-ray was saying no internet connection.
    The Encore has a name of "ED_wireless" and from what I could tell all data used to flow through that name. Now his main connection says "Home_ABF453" or something like that. I can not access any configuration setups on the Encore. I think that whoever set it up originally changed the default settings. I do not know what I need to change or congfigure to get it working properly again. I dont know if I need to change the comcast router's name to "ED_wireless" again, or if the comcast has to be set up as a bridge or what?


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