Setup for flight simulator (X-Plane and future msfs 2020) plus Blender modeling

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by arb65912, Feb 25, 2020.

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    @Judas: hello again and asking for advice. @Calliers : also if you feel like chipping in. :)

    Well, it is end of the year .

    1. IF I wanted to keep my motherboard and upgrade CPU , what would you suggest?

    2. IF I wanted to wait a bit when they become available what GPU would you recommend?

    I am sorry for asking the same things over and over but time goes and I know that options either has changed or can be tuned up.

    Thank you and have a Happy New Year 2021!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Current cpu and gpu supplies are essentially non-existant.

    The motherboard is still well above board for anything arriving in the next year and potentially a half. The only suitable upgrade from your 3900x is the 5900x/5950x... the 5900x is currently the absolute king of core+thread/$ value. Personally if i were to upgrade, the 5900x would be my choice over the 5600x for any other build recommendation i could make for anyone else looking to build a new machine.

    As for GPU. Now that AMD's got some gpus available, we know that the nvidia gpus tend to have an edge only at 4k resolution... provided it's not paired with a SAM capable board AND cpu (your board is suitable, but the 5000 series is required atm for SAM to work).

    IMO the best high performance value right now is the 6800/6800xt (either or) and the 3070/3080. the 6900xt is MUCH better value than the 3090... but both are substantially poorer value than the lower end cards, which isn't a surprise for flagship products.

    Currently x-plane and MSFS2020 are both heavily single threaded bias, hopefully microsoft gets that full dx12 codepath out soon in a stable and high performance state as that'll be huge for even low end gpus and lower end cpus. So you'd likely see a nice little bump with a 5900x due to the superior single and IPC performance over the 3900x. GPU wise the 1080ti is still quite potent... you'd see a boost on a 3080 or 6800xt, anything lower isn't going to amount to much.

    Professionally/personally, neither the new cpus and gpus as i said, are available, and those that you can find are grossly over priced.

    We likely won't see this settle down until end of january at the earliest, some people are suggesting march maybe.

    So i'd say, hold onto what you got for now.

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