Several Indie Devs Claim Sony Denied Their Requests to Discount Their Games on PS Store

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    Here’s something odd: Return of the Obra Dinn developer Lucas Pope has revealed that Sony denied his request to discount the game on the PlayStation Store.

    Pope, who is also the mastermind behind Papers, Please, mentioned this in response to a tweet from a fan who inquired about a discount.

    Pope’s tweet got picked up by ResetEra, following which one user Akumatic did some digging and found similar statements from a number of other indie developers, one of whom said that Sony denied his request to offer a launch discount and his game sold very poorly on the PS4 compared to other platforms. That developer is Mike Rose, and the game in question is Nowhere Prophet.

    Another tweet dated August 2019 from Ratalaika Games suggested that developers have to be invited to PS Store sales, and they can only discount their games when Sony allows them to. Interestingly, these invitations also vary by region.

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