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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robert McClelland, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Here mine :) this mine for best sound. I was wondering what other setups they are for good sound? So far I'm getting 3d effect in games with this setup very good :D
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    This is mine, as you can see - I do not like too busy setups.
    So, these all are ProFX (big thanx to Lex!).

    MAIN is Src, kX bus 0/1.
    INPUT is ADC, left and right separated.
    SKYPE is Src, kX bus 4/5.
    MIXER is MX6.
    OUT is K1LT.

    MX6 has perfect routing capabilities, and I try to use them good.
    I have two amplifiers and last output I use for phones.
    With this setup I can record and route all.

    First 3 inputs of MX6 are used for main audio - routed to phones and the other two amplifiers, and I can record any sound which comes from 0/1 bus.

    Next input is left ADC - Guitar - I can route sound to phones, amplifiers, and/or record it.
    Right ADC input is my Mic - again I can route it whereever I want and/or record it.

    Last is the audio from Skype - I prefer this to be separated and routed only to phones.

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