Sifu Release Date Moved Up, Surprisingly

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    Delays have been incredibly common during the pandemic to the point where almost no game hits its stated release date. Sifu is one of those games as it missed its initial 2021 window and was delayed in July 2021. Developer Sloclap then gave a specific date in February, but the team is surprisingly pushing the date up by two weeks. Sifu‘s new release date is now February 8, 2022 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

    The team simply announced the push with no further explanation through a short trailer before debuting a few more trailers that delve into its aging system and combat mechanics. Its combat appears to be building on what the studio did with Absolver, but boiled down to its essentials and expanded upon from there. Players can dodge, duck, and parry to avoid attacks and watch their stamina while wearing down their opponent’s. The environment is also key as it can wield new context-specific attacks and weapons that can help tip the scales in the player’s favor. And while weapons help, learning combos does as well as certain moves have different properties like knockback and stun that can put the opponent in precarious scenarios.


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