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Discussion in 'Overclocking, Benching & Modding' started by DarkFoss, Dec 4, 2004.

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    I broke down and purchased a Visiontek X800 pro and a Samsung SyncMaster 712n, replacing my 9700pro and Kds X-flat 19e. So far it seems to be a nice fit for my rig.. I figured buying a X800xtpe, if I could find one wouldn't be that much more of an improvement. Almost all my benchie's are up except Gl Excess and Pc Mark '04, where I lost a few points probably due to not doing a clean install of Xp, many vid/chipset driver updates inbetween:p
    All I can say is WOW all the games I play look and run great:drool: The X800 series does rock!

    All benchie's were run at default settings in the CCC only thing oc'ed is my 2500@3200 speed. No background programs were disabled either since I wanted to see how my rig performed under everyday use.

    3dMark 2001se
    GL Excess
    3dMark 2003
    3dMark 2005
    Pc Mark 04

    Had to re-run the benches tonite after I realized I had left my agp setting at 128 instead of changing it to 256:rolleyes: I think the scores are pretty good overall. This rig should tide me over well untill I upgrade to an Athlon 64 system and give this one to my daughter.
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    except for the '03 and '05 benchies your rig beats mine when i had my x800xt...i hated my x800xt, and my mobo...those are really the only things i can blame on my 33,000 aquamark 3 score and my 15,000 3dmark2001se

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