Sony facing a class action lawsuit - bricked consoles

Discussion in 'News Discussion' started by HardwareHeaven, Oct 7, 2009.

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    While we normally post 'gaming news' on GamingHeaven I feel this is also relevant to our more 'tech' based audience on Driverheaven. Sony are currently facing huge financial issues due to bricked consoles after the recent September V3 firmware update. To make matters worse they are charging $150 to repair the damage which is leaving a sour taste in many gamers mouths.

    On October 3rd, John Kennedy of Florida filed a class action suit against Sony Computer Entertainment America in the San Francisco Division of the Northern District Court of California. This suit holds Sony responsible for several areas, including a breach of implied warranty as well as negligence.

    Reading his complaint, Kennedy purchased a PS3 in January which was working fine until he installed the firmware update in September. When the update was applied, his bluray drive started to malfunction playing a game or movie for ten minutes then freezing. After this it would then fail to recognise any media placed in the drive from that point.

    "Thousands of Sony PlayStation 3 ('PS3') video game owners who downloaded a system update required by Sony found that the update caused their PS3 units to malfunction and actually damaged the hardware on many units," the complaint claims. "For owners who sustained hardware damage from the Sony-required update, Sony is charging a $150 repair fee per unit. Sony, responding to the numerous complaints about the unacceptable effects of the defective update, released a further, optional update that it claimed 'improves system stability'—yet performance problems continued, and the new update did nothing to remedy the systems of users who sustained hardware damage."

    It will be interesting to see how this case progresses because while Sony have yet to admit any responsibility for this issue when they announced the V3.01 update shortly afterwards the company did claim this would improve "system stability during the use of some Playstation 3 format software".

    -Allan Campbell, Heaven Media
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    How can they demand money to repair something they caused?
    Good luck with the suit, Sony that was a new low for you.
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    this isn't a new low for sony...

    they've done with with tons of their "implied" warranty coverages on many eletronics...

    you pay for the sony name quite often... hundreds to thousands of dollars for their stuff... and quite often it has failed within the warranty period only for sony to gang rape you by fixing it and then charging you for fixing it.

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