Sony recall 69000 PSU's - possible shock hazard

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    We reported a while ago that Sony have had some issues with their PSU's but it has only been recently that we can see the actual extent of the issue. Around 69,000 PSU's are getting recalled which were provided with their VAIO range of desktop PCs and docking stations. The issue is based around short circuit problems.

    The recall affects the VGP-AC19V17 AC adapter supplied with the companies VGC-LT series and VGC-JS2 series Vaio all in one desktop PCs along with the VGP-PRFE1 and VGP-PRBX1 laptop docking stations.

    The issue is a weakness in the electrical insulation which can fail over time and possibly cause a shock hazard to consumers.

    This recall is worldwide and a few incidents have already been reported. Sony's site has a serial number checker to see if your machine is affected.

    Sony advise if your machine is one of the unlucky ones that you "unplug and discontinue use of the AC power adapter immediately" and return it for a safer replacement.

    Sony have been at the center of several issues before with a similar recall last year for certain models of VAIO notebook which had wiring issues. November also saw a 100,000 battery recall after 17 reports of them catching fire.

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