Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS and My Pioneer VSX-415

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    Hi All,

    Ive got an Audigy 2 ZS internal sound card Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS review @ TechSpot ( with no external bay ) and Im trying
    to connet it to my Pioneer VSX-415 multisound receiver surround sound and im struggling as I dont know what leads to buy to make it work.

    I was going to try connect with optical cable but my sound card doesnt have optical out.

    Then I was going to use my souncards digital out, Creative's site say that I need a 4 pole 3.5mm minijack to do it but where do I connect it to on the pioneer... the [Assignable digital in ( coax 1 ) ] On Page 13 of the Pioneer manual ? If so where to I get the right cable ?

    Or Do I just buy 3 x 3.50 mm stereo to RCA cables and attach it to slots 4/5 and 6 on the Audigy ?

    General Info about the card can be found here - Creative Worldwide Support

    The Sound Card Manual is here - Creative Worldwide Support

    NOTE ! Due to the high security level on the Windows XP Service Pack 2 platform, the manual might not display correctly. If this occurs, follow these steps to view its contents successfully:

    * Save the manual on your computer.
    * Right-click the manual and select Properties.
    * Select the General tab, click the Unblock button, and then click OK.

    And the Pioneer Maual is here -

    Thanks in advance !!
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    You would need to use a cable with Two RCAs on one end and then 3.5 on the other. The RCA goes into the recevier and the 3.5mm goes into the sound card.

    Now with your receiver, it has RCA for Rear left and right, sub and center. you would plug it into both of htem. The one for your rear goes into your rear analog on your sound card.

    The center/sub into the center on your audigy 2. On the back of your receiver theres a spot labeld DVD/LP, and has Front RCA plugs. You plug the RCA into that and then that one into your line out for your front speakers.
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    Another way is to get a Digital Coax to Toslink converter. You can pick them up pretty cheap, I had to do some thing similar w/ my old Pioneer.

    I am surprised by the requirement for a 4 pole mini jack. I swear when I used my Creative Decoder it was just a mono plug to a single RCA connector.

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