Stadia users can finally allow friends to join their game without an invite

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    Stadia is rolling out the ability for your friends to join your Far Cry 6 campaign run without an invite.

    For now, according to Google, the feature is available for “select games,” with the only compatible title so far being Far Cry 6. Support for more multiplayer games is likely to come soon.

    Stadia users have been waiting for the essential feature for almost two years now, so waiting a little longer for more games to support the feature isn’t a biggie.

    According to Google, the feature is disabled by default, and to enable it, you’ll need to head to the privacy settings under ‘Your activity.’ Navigate to ‘Current game,’ and enable ‘Join your current game.’

    Users can set who can automatically join their co-op session by selecting ‘All Players,’ or only ‘Friends.’ And if you want to be left alone, which is a likely outcome if you’re a Stadia user, you can disable the feature or select ‘Only you’ or ‘Private’ in the dropdown menu.

    The Stadia app for Android and the online version for iOS both support the new join-without-an-invite feature.

    This comes soon after Stadia introduced new mobile-focused touch controls on Android, with support for iOS coming soon.

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