"Star Trek Online" Status Report

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    Exclusive Development update for STO, from Daron Stinnett on StarTrek-Online.NET (thanks Graff) has an update from the executive producer on Perpetual Entertainment's upcoming Trekkie MMORPG. Here's a bit:

    In a few weeks, we’ll have the space combat refined to the point where we’ll have a basic set of skills, effects, damage model, AI, and cameras to the point where we can truly start to evaluate and refine our space combat model. Given that we can already log multiple players into a server and see each other in the game, having combat up and running means the we’ll be able to begin weekly team play sessions so everyone can get in on playing and refining the combat experience until it is something truly special. And while ground combat is also working at an early stage, we’re more focused on space combat at the moment because that’s where we see the most risk and opportunity.

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