Strangers In A Strange Land Returns To Steam Censored; Uncensored Patch Also Available

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    SOMG’s Strangers in a Strange land released on Steam back on July 28th. It was later forcibly removed from Steam back on August 19th, 2017 on the grounds that it was “porn”, aftyer SJWs complained to Valve to have the game removed, saying it had no place on the storefront. Well, SOMG censored the game and now it’s been restored on Steam.

    While a lot of people may not be fond of the censorship, in a post over on the Steam page, the developers offer a patch that you can download to restore the uncensored version of the game with the unfiltered sex scenes and nudity. You can grab from the uncensored patch from the Google Drive page. If you don’t want to use any of Google’s services, you can also download the uncensored patch from Neronite.

    The uncensored patch is 1.80GB.

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