Switch Sets Record For 22nd Consecutive Month Of Best Selling System In United States

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    While Nintendo has never truly been on the verge of financial ruin (despite the beloved Nintendo is Doomed memes), it’s not hard to look at the company’s previous home console, the Wii U, and its handheld, the 3DS, and not see quite a downturn. The Wii U was an outright flop, and while the 3DS sold well, it was sharp drop from the DS. Nintendo chose instead to create a hybrid in the Switch, and well, it seems to have worked out.

    As was reported earlier today, the NPD confirmed that the Switch was the best selling hardware of September 2020 in the United States. Going all the way back, the Switch has been the number 1 hardware since December of 2018, making that 22 consecutive months. That breaks the previous record of the Xbox 360, which was #1 hardware for 21 months from August 2011 to April 2013 (thanks to NintendoEverything for those stats).

    Source: gamingbolt

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